Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves Black


Available soon

  • Superconducting Electric Silver Fiber

  • 0.25mm Ultra-slim Design

  • Max grip responsive touch


Available soon

  • Superconducting Electric Silver Fiber | 0.25mm Ultra-thin Design | Four-dimensional Elastic Design

  • Smooth and Tactile: 30% Conductive Fiber Spin Covering Yarn technology

  • Ultra Thin and Breathable: 0.25mm Ultra-thin Design | Pro-grade Material

  • Comfortable: Four-dimensional Elastic Design | One Size Fits All

  • Seamless Weave: One-piece Seamless Process Thermal Fused Seamless Interface Technology

  • Faster than the Competition: 30% of the material used is upgraded superconducting electric fiber, which improves sensitivity and touch precision. Woven with Spin Covering Yarn Technology, smoothness is guaranteed. Game freely, no matter how intense the situation.

  • Repels Sweat with Ultra-thin, Breathable Material: The 0.25mm ultra-thin material is designed for pros and feels weightless and cool on your fingers, even in summer!

  • Durable and Long Lasting: Say goodbye to loose threads. These finger sleeves are woven from a single piece of material through a high-precision thermal fused process that prevents hooking and pilling.

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